Mountain hiking and trekking offers the unique experience of coming in contact with Nature. The best seasons for this activity is spring, summer and autumn. Delphi’s nature is ideal for simple trail hiking as well as trekking on uncharted paths. Various paths of historical value and spectacular natural beauty, pass through or end up in Delphi. Such as:

  • The ancient pilgrim path: Itea-Kirra-Chrisso-Delphi
  • The International European E4path: Agoriani(Eptalofos)- Kalania-Delphi
  • The ancient sacred procession path: Delphi-Kroki-Korikion Cave 
  • The path of the Delphic landscape: Delphi- Plistos River- Cochran Peak 

Nidimos Hotel will help you choose the path that suits you best and will also help you organize your hike/trek.