The Hotel holds the "Health First" mark and satisfies the provisions of the law regarding the special healthcare protocols (as provided under the Joint Ministerial Decision 1881/29.5.2020 regarding the special healthcare protocols that will apply to the touristic enterprises in light of the measures against COVID-19) and (b) acknowledge that the Hotel shall not be held liable (for the restoration of damaged or otherwise), as long as the measures provided under said healthcare protocols are complied with. I acknowledge that due to measures of COVID-19:1. my personal data/information (name, address, date of birth telephone, nationality, e-mail address, passport / ID number, credit card details), in accordance with article 9.2.i of the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679 ) and the Joint Ministerial Decision 1881 / 29.5.2020 (Government Gazette B2084 / 2020), will need to be used by the Hotel as prescribed under the abovementioned protocols (and particularly in cases of potential or confirmed infections) and expressly agree thereon.2. Personal service requests or health issues, including eating habits. The above data is included in the physical and electronic files of the hotel, which is intended exclusively for the best customer service and is used only to facilitate them during their stay, as well as for possible COVID-19 case detection. Only authorized hotel staff have access to this registration. The hotel guarantees that your personal data will not be used for purposes other than those mentioned on this form, without prior notice and without your consent where required. Your data is stored for up to 10 years after collection and is stored in a secure place with controlled access. The hotel implements the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the legal and proper use of the Personal Data it receives, its security and protection, and ensures the prevention of any unauthorized access to this data. You have the right to revoke your consent to the use of your personal data whenever you wish. In this case, the legality of the processing performed while your consent was valid is not affected. You may request a copy of your data, correct it, delete it, restrict its processing or oppose such processing, as well as exercise your right to portability by submitting a request in accordance with Articles 13-21 of the General Regulation of Data Protection (2016/679) and the Joint Ministerial Decision 1881 / 29.5.2020 COVID-19(Government Gazette B2084 / 2020). Finally, the undersigned states that it has been informed of the hotel's compliance with the principles of legality, objectivity, and transparency, the limitation of the purpose of personal data retention, the minimization of data, the accuracy, the limitation of the storage period and the integrity and confidentiality. Furthermore, I certify that I have read, understand, and agree with all the above as well as with all the information provided and I have personally informed all persons in my booking who agree with all the information provided, and we will all comply with all relevant measures. , protocols, and requirements to be notified to us by the Hotel. I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct.The management of the hotel is in constant contact with the competent authorities regarding COVID-19, so that all the necessary protection measures are applied, but also to provide all information.

See the latest news and updates on the World Health Organization website and on the Greek National Public Health Organization